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Annoucing oProject


First, I'd like to the thank the Open Hardware Hub community for their feedback on the site. Your suggestions have been invaluable. We've worked hard to implement them as they come in. The result is an Open Hardware Hub that keeps getting better!

Today I'm proud to announce the first step in implementing another of your requests, the ability to robustly track changes and update projects without the need to use the web interface. The first step in that process is oProject.

oProject is an open format for documenting open source hardware. The goal of oProject is to be an easy-to-use, standardized way of presenting all the pieces of an open source project in such a way as to encourage iterative improvements of existing projects by people who were not originally involved in the project's creation.

So what is oProject, and how do we plan to use it? An oProject is a collection of XML files that are strictly defined by an XML Schema Document. It can be easily edited both by hand and by programs and applications. The XML files in the oProject point to images, part sources, and binary files that are vital to reproducing the project. We plan to allow users to import and export their projects in oProject format and, evetually, to enable using a version control system to maintain projects on Open Hardware Hub.

To learn more about oProject, visit the oProject repository on GitHub. We'd like to solicit your feedback on the format. Please send us any suggestions you might have via the Contact tab above or through GitHub directly.

The current version of oProject is v0.1. The version initially used to import/export projects on Open Hardware Hub will be v0.2.


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