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    Open-source hardware project hosting is my passion. I spend most of my free time building neat gadgets or planning what I'll build next. I love building things, and I want to make Open Hardware Hub a place that inspires others to build, ...

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  • Updates 2013 February 18

    It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, that's ok because we've got a lot of updates to talk about. Most of these have been effective on the site fora couple weeks now. A few may or may not be active when this article gets posted, but they'll certainly be applied in the ...

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Updates 2012 August 30


We just pushed out quite a few changes to the site. We're continuing to work towards making project collaboration a lot easier for you. We took another step in that direction today by allowing you to download projects in oProject v0.2 format. For more information about the format, see the oProject repository (https://github.com/kurttomlinson/oProject). Next, we'll be enabling project uploads so that you can modify the projects offline with your favorite text editor and upload them to the site for display!

Here's a list of the more important changes we've made since last month:

  • Sped up page load times by minifying javascript and CSS
  • Fixed forum CSS code so it displays properly on Firefox
  • Cosmetic changes to the "add custom parts" form
  • Fixed navigation bar highlights for revisions and projects
  • Fixed and intermittent issue with modified projects sometimes showing up as published
  • Changed "Buy" to "Source" in parts lists
  • Made headers appear more uniform across the site
  • Added oProject v0.2 schema (http://www.openhardwarehub.com/oProject_v0.2.xsd)
  • Added a subscriptions page so users can manage the forum topics that they subscribe to
  • Cosmetic changes to the "edit account" page
  • Made proejct menu show up when editing a custom part
  • Added email notifications for users who want to be notified of when new projects get posted
  • Cosmetic changes to the "edit project description" page
  • Added post thread to the new post page so you can see what you're responding to
  • Fixed project images so they show the images from the latest revision
  • Fixed a bug where users could edit old revisions

Revision 1073

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