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Portal Turret Plushie

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By: kurt

Deadly, yet adorable, this plush turret from the game Portal talks and responds when you play with it. It senses when you pick it up, knock it over, or walk in front of it. The stuffing and soft fleece skin make it super cuddly, too!
Inspired by Up, not North.

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Bill of Materials

Qty Part # Description Schematic ID Source
1 4e04e034ca16eb63bee1b3fdbfd06fe7c3be9ab8 Wave Shield Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit - v1.1 Wave Shield Source
1 C7b45d34deb37e54be0443ee95e935b2008488a2 RBBB Kit Really Bare Bones Board Kit (Arduino Compatible) RBBB Source
1 D35ce9d61235716f6c3ea142f4fcd5bfd58ad8ba PIR Motion Sensor PIR Motion Sensor PIR Sensor Source
1 4a3be3bef44d46f4297c61c367a1d73668260e53 SD Card 2 GB SanDisk 2 GB Class 2 SD Flash Memory Card SDSDB-2048-A11 SD Card Source
1 C0767c2cd4e9f0c763fe905e8753fe4741995bd6 TSW-150-07-L-S CONN HEADER 50POS .100" SGL GOLD Header Pins Source
1 A79543350b852e47df61d5a90607d45e4f00c0a0 White Fleece Fabric 1/4 yard Source
1 5f34bf1197fed846cb8403d404b3a296ca033869 Red Tulle Fabric 1/8 yard Source
1 54da1e0c1a306d960965290ebea47a2708aba564 Black Cotton Fabric 1/8 yard Source
1 84426b2fa616db6171e8b4fc7da60b1ea41c61b4 Polyester Fiberfill 12 ounces Source
1 37026dbe76f15c79fa4c7f8565d2816440af2276 White Zipper 7 inches Source
10 F1b0923b2fe34a9db58d5c6995989243b097e818 WP7113LID 5MM LOW CURRENT RED LED, LAMP THOLE, BULK LED Source
1 8d17dc6357d99d17730430c3718a0a959d650925 CF14JT100R 1/4w 100 ohms 5% Carbon Film Resistors Source
1 D9a682fef3ecbdda1662c8ac0511fc8fe76d9200 CF14JT10K0 1/4w 10K ohms 5% Carbon Film Resistors Source
1 97cefe0d9a81fc7bce0ab06a882a8efffe97b1db BH48AASF HOLDER BATTERY 8 CELL AA W/SNAP Battery Pack Source
1 745edaf42bb01817c98df11e56998812e5434fba PSR-23F08S-JQ Speaker Speaker Source
1 6a2300b3f018d53e413eab9cb78e32d2682f0ca6 Tilt Sensor Tilt Sensor Tilt Sensor Source
1 86de80e0982825f42d775eb9f8693adc99c795d9 ZMA00A150L04PC Switch, Snap, Lef Actuated, 4.55mm Long, 50 Grams Oper Force, PC Term, 0.1 Amps Lift Switch Source
1 E8a9907166e07593e3be585058acff1354c86a35 GF-1123-0009 Slide Switches STANDARD SPST 11A Power Switch Source
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Download BOM w/o images
Download BOM w/ images


1. Gather parts

Lay out your parts and make sure that you have everything. Clockwise from top left: voltage regulator, switch, LED, 2 resistors, 2 electrolytic capacitors, 2 ceramic capacitors, resonator, power jack, diode, PCB, ATMega328, IC socket, and 3 headers.



3. Insert resistors

Start by inserting the resistors as shown. Bend the leads outwards after you have inserted the resistors so they hold themselves in place.

P6153730 P6153731

4. Solder resistors

Solder the resistors in place.

P6153732 P6153733

5. Insert capacitors

Insert the two small capacitors into the holes for caps C3 and C4. Bend their legs so they don't fall out when you turn the board upside-down.

P6183745 P6183748

Download steps w/o images
Download steps w/ images

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15 - added attribution note
14 - updated description
13 - added a couple switches to the parts list
12 - updated steps 52 and 53 to remove "TK" placeholders
11 - added a speaker to the BOM
10 -
9 -
8 -
7 - edited step 130
6 -
5 -
4 -
3 - updated project images.
2 - added youtube link. updated line numbers.
1 - Initial project release
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