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Knight Rider Lights

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By: kurt

The red flashing lights on the front of the car KITT in the popular Knight Rider series are an iconic visual effect. You can easily recreate this effect with this open source hardware project. Using a couple simple components, we'll light up a series of LEDs in order giving the illusion that the light is bouncing back and forth from side to side.

Download project description w/o images
Download project description w/ images


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Bill of Materials

Qty Part # Description Schematic ID Source
2 9fb705680555271291b98431b3f6aeb175782f37 CF14JT1K00 1/4w 1K ohms 5% Carbon Film Resistors R1,R2 Source
1 45e67caec388045d5339e5a6869a6a2ace3496cc SK101M016ST Capacitor C1 Source
1 C14ff4b26e5b0d93cd1a4d9208acb56b9634d2bf NE555P TIMER SINGLE PRECISION,DIP8 ,0.5MHZ IC1 Source
1 Fa25701e82d537bb41b684818c0661dff7f3faee CD4017BE IC, 4000 CMOS, 4017, DIP16, 18V IC2 Source
8 Bcefdf52e054e8bc413a0bf5396ab9acb3560b44 1N4001-G DIODE RECTIFIER 1A 50V DO-41 D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8 Source
6 9ed8453ea860301e4ec4354654a82fd4b87caa47 WP7104ID Red T-1 3 mm 40° Tinted Diffused 20 mcd 2 V Solid State LED Lamp Through Hole LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4,LED5,LED6 Source
1 E7a294c80d453aff7bfc178de9309b5e3f8298bb BS6I SNAPS 9V 6" LEADS I-STYLE JP1 Source
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Download BOM w/o images
Download BOM w/ images


1. Insert 555 timer

Insert the 555 timer at the top of the breadboard. Make sure that the dimple on the top surface of the package is towards the top of the bread board.


2. Insert wires

Insert wires as shown.


3. Insert resistors

Insert two 1k resistors as shown. The first one is between pins 2 and 7 of the 555 timer, and the second one is between pin 7 and +9V.


4. Insert capacitor

Insert the 100uF capacitor as shown. The negative leg should be plugged into the ground rail on the left side of the bread board. The negative leg is indicated by a stripe or arrows on the cylinder.


5. Insert decade counter (NTE4017B)

Insert the decade counter as shown.


Download steps w/o images
Download steps w/ images

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6 - updated description
5 - updated steps.
4 - changed LED part
3 - add project image descriptions
2 - added file descriptions
1 - Initial project release
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