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Mono VU Meter

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By: kurt

A VU meter is used to display the loudness of an audio signal. This open source VU meter lights up ten LEDs to show how loud a mono audio signal is. Two of these can be made to show the loudness of each channel in a stereo signal.

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Download project description w/ images


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Bill of Materials

Qty Part # Description Schematic ID Source
1 77deb0bedb11cb6f2fc5e7d60138b782eb28615f SJ1-3523N CONN JACK STEREO R/A 3PIN 3.5MM J1 Source
1 750ce2dcceaf752266214a5e57c209b74d3212d9 BS6I SNAPS 9V 6" LEADS I-STYLE JP1 Source
1 Cbe4164d07d891a1d538ad6c895b7f50ed321034 50-0015-00 SWITCH PB SPST ALT ACT PC MOUNT S1 Source
1 618ff9489734b7d0f5a3a3e481b07cbce19f1382 SK100M035ST CAPACITOR ALUM ELEC 10UF, 35V, RADIAL C1 Source
1 E5149a40cb54d228e4704c7a15b821f3412806fd EVN-D8AA03B14 TRIMMER 10K OHM 0.1W TH P1 Source
1 3fded271729ab570e419b2879e01e68d9c1b38a3 LM3916N-1 LED BAR GRAPH DRIVER, 3916, DIP18 IC1 Source
10 B10fcd91e54061e9748ca26c34782bc79400bf95 WP7113LID 5MM LOW CURRENT RED LED, LAMP THOLE, BULK LED1, LED2, LED3, LED4, LED5, LED6, LED7, LED8, LED9, LED10 Source
1 8231ad4289f80552e8b41fa3f0d841de6ec762ed 6LR61XWA/1SB BATTERY IND ALKALINE 9 VOLT Source
1 E1fe06bce45447331f6c95a9a7a6ec31da8a0e0b Y-Audio Cable 6inch 3.5mm Stereo Jack/Two 3.5mm Stereo Plug Cable Source
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Download BOM w/o images
Download BOM w/ images


1. Get ready

Get your LM3916 and breadboard ready. Make sure you have all the parts in the parts list.


2. Insert wire

Insert the yellow wire as shown.

P7304152 P7304154

3. Insert wires

Insert the red wires as shown.

P7304148 P7304149

4. Insert wires

Insert the green wires as shown.

P7304143 P7304145

5. Insert wires

Insert the orange wires as shown.

P7304140 P7304141

Download steps w/o images
Download steps w/ images

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7 - updated description
6 -
5 - added youtube link. updated line numbers.
4 - changed LED part
3 - added description to project image
2 - added file descriptions
1 - Initial project release
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