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8-bit port status indicator

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By: madworm

There comes a time when you just don't want to wire up a lot of LEDs on a breadboard anymore. It was fun the first time, but that exhilarating feeling soon went away.

This little board just plugs into your breadboard and that's it. All resistors included. It even works in common anode or common cathode configuration. Thanks to that it can be used to do general testing of LED driver chips such as MBI5030, TLC5940 and the likes. You don't want to fight wires when you're ironing out wrinkels of your code.

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Bill of Materials

Qty Part # Description Schematic ID Source
16 43de8111bd5a5809844b2ba3473564708198d5aa HSMG-C190 Surface Mount ChipLEDs Source
8 5c350aa3e43f48306fe83b21a54097acc6634c98 ERJ-3EKF1001V RESISTOR, 0603, 0.1W, 1%, 1K Source
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Download BOM w/ images


1. Assembly and usage

Get your soldering iron fired up, use thin rosin-core solder and additional flux if need be. You may also want a bit of magnification, as all parts are 0603. It doesn't matter which way you orient the LEDs, just make sure you do it the same way for each one.

The common pin is connected to either + or GND. The 8 LED pins will then require either a current sink or source for lighting up the LEDs.

Pros: The boards are very small, so you can have them made cheaply. OSHPARK is quite ideal for that, especially if you're in the US of A and don't have to suffer from long shipping times. Less than 1$ per board + shipping.

8389476995_9f1c5a1d3b_c 2dde4b6acf167959ba77eaee1645b1a87eaa91e9 Led_port-status__schematic

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