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    Open-source hardware project hosting is my passion. I spend most of my free time building neat gadgets or planning what I'll build next. I love building things, and I want to make Open Hardware Hub a place that inspires others to build, ...

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    It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, that's ok because we've got a lot of updates to talk about. Most of these have been effective on the site fora couple weeks now. A few may or may not be active when this article gets posted, but they'll certainly be applied in the ...

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  • NameArduino CAN-BUS OBD Gas Gauge
  • Bywinneymj
  • My inspiration for developing this gas gauge was after purchasing a new car (Scion Xa) and wondering what MPG I was getting. After much research on ODBII protocols (Scions support CAN-BUS), and looking into open source software that already existed (OBDuino32K) I delved into my first Arduino pro...
  • NameZombie Meerkat
  • Bymadworm
  • This is a 'Halloween-ated' xmas meerkat lawn ornament. That does sound much better than 'RGB LED blinking toy' - methinks. The time-lapse video runs at 24x speed.
  • NameOpenbench logic sniffer pull-up/down wing
  • Bymadworm
  • Floating inputs are nasty, as you'll get erratic data. Something you don't want to see on your screen, it only adds confusion and simply doesn't look nice. And if you monitor many channels, your eye might slip and end up on one that shows 'crap'. Of course you will only find out about that mishap...
  • NameMono VU Meter
  • Bykurt
  • A VU meter is used to display the loudness of an audio signal. This open source VU meter lights up ten LEDs to show how loud a mono audio signal is. Two of these can be made to show the loudness of each channel in a stereo signal.