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Electronic Dice

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By: kurt

Push a button to roll the dice. When you let go of the button, the result shows up on the red LEDs just like on real dice. This is a simple beginner's open source hardware project that you can show off to your friends the next time you play a board game and can't find the dice for it!

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Download project description w/ images


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Bill of Materials

Qty Part # Description Schematic ID Source
1 B8a27b40dc8c102e42db936b8d795d774992a704 CD4017BE IC, 4000 CMOS, 4017, DIP16, 18V IC2 Source
1 6ff6f1f238f6d58bf3404a4f2e252ec33d9a96cc CF14JT1K00 1/4w 1K ohms 5% Carbon Film Resistors R1 Source
1 698d2f37a694875c8f78881a82279c6382001644 CF14JT1M00 1/4w 1M ohms 5% Carbon Film Resistors R2 Source
1 462aff4d7f716804047bfa05da375391a2a7a4a8 SR151A151KAR CAPACITOR CERAMIC 150PF, 100V, C0G, RADIAL C1 Source
7 D00b67b20fee50311074bf038882d60bcfccccb4 WP7104ID Red T-1 3 mm 40° Tinted Diffused 20 mcd 2 V Solid State LED Lamp Through Hole LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4,LED5,LED6,LED7 Source
1 9c254bacadf6ab59d82ec2be6da0e8db4397f1ab NE555P TIMER SINGLE PRECISION,DIP8 ,0.5MHZ IC1 Source
7 C1421b1570a386189f40aa8af2716cd1ac9b2bc6 1N4001-G DIODE RECTIFIER 1A 50V DO-41 D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7 Source
1 Ac80c5e94a7c8004f18a8fcb1ea1554763bc44a2 BS6I SNAPS 9V 6" LEADS I-STYLE JP1 Source
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Download BOM w/o images
Download BOM w/ images


2. Insert 555 timer

Insert the 555 timer as shown. Make sure that the circular dimple on the top of the chip is at the top left.

P5213571 P5213569

3. Insert the 4017B decade counter

Insert the 4017B decade counter as shown.

P5213566 P5213566

4. Insert wires

Insert yellow jumper wires as shown. The color of the wires you use doesn't matter. I'll refer to the wires by their color so it's easier to pick out in the pictures.

P5213563 P5213560

5. Insert wires

Insert blue, green, and brown jumper wires as shown.

P5213559 P5213556

6. Insert wires

Insert violet, white, and gray jumper wires as shown.

P5213555 P5213553

Download steps w/o images
Download steps w/ images

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6 - updated description
5 - updated step numbers.
4 - changed LED part
3 - added a description for the project image
2 - added file descriptions
1 - Initial project release

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