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    Open-source hardware project hosting is my passion. I spend most of my free time building neat gadgets or planning what I'll build next. I love building things, and I want to make Open Hardware Hub a place that inspires others to build, ...

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  • Updates 2013 February 18

    It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, that's ok because we've got a lot of updates to talk about. Most of these have been effective on the site fora couple weeks now. A few may or may not be active when this article gets posted, but they'll certainly be applied in the ...

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  • NameKnight Rider Lights
  • Bykurt
  • The red flashing lights on the front of the car KITT in the popular Knight Rider series are an iconic visual effect. You can easily recreate this effect with this open source hardware project. Using a couple simple components, we'll light up a series of LEDs in order giving the illusion that the ...
  • NameElectronic Dice
  • Bykurt
  • Push a button to roll the dice. When you let go of the button, the result shows up on the red LEDs just like on real dice. This is a simple beginner's open source hardware project that you can show off to your friends the next time you play a board game and can't find the dice for it!
  • NameMonitor backlight
  • Bymadworm
  • This is a very simple project, as it mainly consists of using existing and otherwise unused prototype boards (see 'A lamp for nerds'), a little bit of creative drawing with Inkscape and sending the design files off to Ponoko for laser cutting. It's a good example of repurposing / upcycling pro...
  • NameRemote Video Display
  • Byitake
  • This project allows a user to remotely control a video player on an eBox. It features the ability to: <> Play <> Stop <> Next video files and you can upload files to the remote eBox via ethernet for playing. The files loop through a list of filenames and plays them all. You can remotel...
  • NameA lamp for nerds
  • Bymadworm
  • Incandescent lamps are out. I frankly can't afford wasting money by throwing 95% of the energy away. Fluorescent lamps contain mercury and the ones I had started to show signs of age (you know, the kind of light that makes places appear darker instead of brighter). Now what to do? Use LEDs of ...